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Vohu Studio helps you sharpen your design, branding, business and marketing skills anywhere and any time with bite-sized lessons.

Learn with a purpose and take the next step; Vohu Studio offer quick, easy-to-understand lessons to help business owners, designer, developers and individuals grow skills and reach their goals. Browse our blog and choose from a variety of business and digital marketing topics to find lessons relevant to you or your career.

Superpower Your Marketing With The Right Research

Competitive research can give you insights into your own brand positioning, showing you how your brand uniquely fits into your industry relative...

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Read Customers’ Minds with Marketing Research

Marketing research looks at your branding and how your business reaches your target audience, and then tells you whether your past, current, and future...

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Turn Opinions Into Insights With Focus Groups

Focus groups are moderated discussions with members of your target audience who provide nuanced answers to questions about your...

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Find The Best Possible Business Idea That’s Right For You

Your business idea doesn’t need to reinvent the wheel. It just needs to solve the problem better than your competitors. To figure out how you can do this, list the ways...

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How to Create Your Ideal And Systematic Business Plan

A business plan maps out how your business will run for a particular period of time (usually around a year or a few years), and how these operations will help you...

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How To Choose The Right And Appropriate Business Partner

In business, two heads are often better than one. It’s simple math. Business partners are especially valuable when they bring complementary skills you...

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Finding A Creative Name For your Brand and Product

Whether you come up with a name internally or you hire a branding agency, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the process. Start by looking at the...

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Unite Your Company With A Strong Brand Identity

Basically, a brand is anything and everything that differentiates your business, products, and services against those of your competitors. A brand...

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