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We build beautiful brands and interactive experiences for clients across industries and around the world.

We work with teams of all sizes, from the very well established to the just getting started, helping them find the space where the beautiful, the functional and the digital become one.

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Vohu Studio; Total UI & UX Solutions

We build digital brands, products and experiences that represent you, your product, your company, your audience. We combine classic artistry with the latest technology to create solutions both relevant and effective in today's marketplace.

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Think like a scientist,
Act like an artist.

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  • Graphic Design, Motion Graphics

  • User Interface, Front End Development

  • Branding, Corporate Identity

  • Marketing Materials, Print Design

  • UX Research and Design, Wireframing

  • Research, Discovery and Strategy

  • Product Definition and Research

  • Competitive Analysis, Usability Testing

  • Content Strategy, Content Marketing

Analysis & Strategy

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We begin with a determination to understand your brand and the intricate details of each unique project. Our goal is to fully understand each client's business and the environment in which it operates. We look to completely understand the target audience and how they will interact with the digital products we deliver.

Strategic, immersive research takes us from industry outsiders to an informed extension of your brand. We plan for longevity. Good strategy and research comes first and we are the best at it.

UI & UX Design

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Good design will reflect your unique brand identity while achieving the maximum aesthetic impact. Our dedicated team of designers use their gained knowledge of your company to create visually-engaging designs with the overall user experience in mind.

We combine relevant trends and best practices to build platforms with longevity, which is driven by intuitive UI and engaging UX. Our UX/UI work is a representation of a brand’s defining qualities, appealing to the reasons people love them in every element of our designed experience.


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Our development team brings engaging visuals to life through custom development. From custom front-end to sophisticated back-end, our in-house development team handles the heavy lifting to create an engaging experience online.

Our team of technologists have expertise across a wide array of cutting-edge web technologies, platforms and tools. We design and code stunning responsive web and mobile applications that are built for performance and longevity.

Evolve & Follow-up

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We use scientific metrics to track and analyze campaign performance. This helps us easily identify what worked and what did not, we then initiate new strategies to maximize your business goals.

We work on a “Build, Operate, Transfer” model. Each project starts with a shared understanding of the endpoint. We help our clients to plan for the future and empower them to operate their product independently.

Vohu Studio Capabilities

We tend to find what others don't;
We stay when others tend to leave.

Wise Agility and

We at Vohu Studio believe in a seamless client partnership that connects us into a single unified team. We're not only agile in design but in discovery, planning and code.

We combine relevant trends and best practices to build platforms with longevity.

Constant Growth
with Pure Passion

We ensure that every project receives the meticulous attention and resource it deserves from our strategists, designers, engineers and developers.

Each member is dedicated to perfecting their craft and taking brands to the next level.

Practical Design
with Cutting Edge Tech

We are curious about emerging new technologies and continue to evolve. We make flawless digital products through a human-centred focus.

We design with understanding and purpose. We are obsessive with how and why a design works more than how it looks.

Iteration and
True Collaboration

Even if the first try is a hit, we believe that constant analysis and adjustment helps us realize the best possible version of whatever we're creating.

Getting input from users and stakeholders at every stage of the process is key to building a successful product.

Eye-Catching and
Profitable Results

We design, develop, optimize and deliver websites, apps and creative campaigns that drive results, build awareness and win awards.

Our results-driven approach guides every aspect of the engagement from technical discovery to deployment.

Vohu Studio Methodology

Before building anything, we work to understand the who, what, and why. Who are we building for? What is the problem we’re solving? And why is this the solution they need? Having answers to these questions early in the process allows us to build products that enhance capabilities, bring happiness, and simplify the process.

Get in-depth design

Digital & Visual

Creative and technical Designs that are easy to understand and impossible to ignore.

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Vohu Partnership; Smart & Win-Win Collaboration

You're an expert at what you do, we're experts at what we do; let's partner, to make things...

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A Multidisciplinary Team of Passionate Creators

The diverse group of intelligent and creative people that makes things happen...

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Vohu Formula to Deliver the Best Solutions

Combining new technologies with the user-centered approach to achieve excellent results...

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Vohu Blog; Perspectives on Digital & Web

Our thoughts on creativity, strategy, and branding. Recent events, press, and perspectives.

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Vohu Partnership; Smart & Win-Win Collaboration

We collaborate with brands and agencies to create memorable experiences. From research and strategy to design and implementation, we partner with some of the world’s most impactful companies to transform their brands and businesses.

Here is how we can partner together:
- Project-Based
For one-time needs that require a more agile approach—we work with your team on projects that have a clearly defined brief, budget, and timeline.
- Agency of Record
An ideal fit for companies that have ongoing design needs—we work with you to build out the deliverables needed to drive your marketing efforts.

A Multidisciplinary Team of Passionate Creators

Vohu Studio is a multicultural, multinational and multi-disciplined team of individuals who come together to form one team with a focused mission: to create.

We’re united by our shared passions. Our diversity and perspective help us thrive. Our crew consists of vivid personalities. Their creative ideas are wisely melted together to make artwork that stands out.

As a globally-distributed team, we’re able to attract the very best people, regardless of where they reside. This means you always get access to top-quality talent, and our employees are always delivering their best work, as they’re able to create where they feel most comfortable. Our team is based worldwide, stretching over several time zones and diverse cultures.

With a team that combines know-how and a willingness to innovate, we help entrepreneurs everything they need to know to take their project forward.

Vohu Formula to Deliver the Best Solutions

Over the years we’ve thought a lot about how we balance being good humans with doing good work and running a good business. Trends come and go, especially when it comes to technology. This is why we rely on research, user insights, best practices, and years of experience to guide us in developing every part of your product.

Our goal isn’t to create something fleeting, but something that will stand the test of time as a user’s needs and technology change. We follow these basics but impor­tant rules when working with our clients:

  • Put people first: It’s our design philosophy and the way we approach our work, our team and our clients.
  • Keep things in proportion: Not too big, not too small. We’re motivated by doing good work, not growing our business.
  • Think globally: Our international clients and colleagues inspire us with new perspectives on work and life.
  • See the bigger picture: Understanding where you’re coming from helps us to go in the right direction together.
  • Make great work: We’re obsessive about quality. Our work has to be great, otherwise, why bother?
  • Never stop learning: Technology moves fast. Design moves on. So it’s important to keep learning. It’s fun too.
  • Do the right thing: For example, we pay our team fairly and on time. It’s simple respect. We expect the same from our clients.
  • Don’t just create. Solve. We see every project as a strategic challenge. Our focus is not only to create beautiful solutions but to achieve the strategic ambitions of our clients.
  • Build relationships, earn trust. Success is built on relationships and trust. We aim to build meaningful and long standing relationships with our clients.
  • Make things simple. Good design should make things feel less complicated. We apply this principle in the way we work.
  • Do things that matter. We care about the world we live in. We’ve got a soft spot for projects where we can use our creativity to make it a better place.

Vohu Blog; Perspectives on Digital & Web

Vohu Studio your professional web design toolkit. What you will find here:

Growth Resources: Get access to a library of guides and marketing materials to help you launch your design practice and find more clients. Access expert guides on launching your business, finding clients, and staying ahead of the industry curve.

Vibrant community: Exchange ideas and best practices with other Vohu members in the online Forum and at in-person events.

  • Member forum: Get best practices, trade tips and tricks, and hear news directly from Vohu in the members-only forum.
  • Vohu events: Learn, network, and get inspired at member and vohu-sponsored events.
  • Creative collaborations: Expand your capacity and creativity by collaborating with other Vohu professionals.

Vohu Partners

Supported Products & Partners

    These brands aren’t trophies, they’re friends we’ve met on our journey We partner with global brands and emerging businesses to create exciting and meaningful experiences, whether digital or non-digital.