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Website & Mobile Apps

Front End Development

We ensure that your platform works well across desktop, tablet, and mobile.

Our front-end developers use cutting edge web technologies to make our mockups and prototypes truly come alive. This allows us to ensure that our designs are responsive to all screen sizes, flexible to fit all device types, and compatible with all browsers. The end result is a product that is always pixel perfect.

We combine best-in-class web design, sophisticated UI elements, and an intuitive path to purchase to drive user engagement and conversion. Our dedicated team of user interface designers, user experience strategists, and creative developers collaborate with you to create a website or an application tailored to your brand’s goals and initiatives.

Responsive design is an approach to web design that allows the pages of a website to render, or "respond," to different device, window, or screen sizes. An effective website translates seamlessly across all devices and browsers, ensuring that the pages maintain optimum functionality and visual layout. Depending on the client and needs, some websites may require a mobile-first design approach to accommodate for customers on-the-go.

Users expect intuitive, sophisticated web experiences, both on their computers as well as mobile devices. Our graphic design team creates engaging visuals and scales them across desktop, tablet, and mobile to ensure that your brand’s website is impactful at all touchpoints.

Whether it is your business website, interactive application or admin interface, we always apply User-centred design principles to create elegant and gratifying user experiences. Vohu Studio’s Visual Designers and Art Directors are committed to providing users with the joy of discovery.

Screens, design systems, prototyping. Our attention to craft on the front end will help prevent problems on the back end—and we will establish a set of design principles that affect every aspect of your presence, service and delivery.